Peritonitis Management: Case-based Presentations

Peritonitis Management: Case-based Presentations


8:00     Prevention of Peritonitis: Best Practices – Matthew Rivara, MD

8:30     Treatment of Peritonitis: CAPD vs APD Patients – Vesh Srivatana, MD

9:00     Treatment of Relapsing and Recurring Peritonitis – Preethi Yerram, MD, FASN

9:30     When Should We Remove the PD Catheter? – Ramesh Khanna, MD

10:00    Break

Dealing with Challenges Non-traditional Patients Present

Dealing with Challenges Non-traditional Patients Present


Moderator: LaVonne Burrows, MS, RN

2:00     Overview and Case Presentation – Lisa Koester, ANP, CNN-NP

2:15     Understanding the Provider Perspective:  Quality Metrics Facilities Are Measured for Reimbursement, Safety of Staff – Julie Williams, BSA

2:45     Understanding the Patient Perspective – Amy Staples

3:15     Social Worker Role – Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LSCSW

3:40     Panel Discussion

4:00     Break

PD Fundamentals – PD access

PD Fundamentals – PD access


Moderator: Osama El Shamy, MD

2:00      Traditional vs Embedded PD Catheter Insertion: What Are the Outcomes?  John Crabtree, MD

2:30     Surgical Laparoscopic vs Percutaneous PD Catheter Placement – Rajeev Narayan, MD

3:00      Surgical Management of Common Mechanical and Infectious Complications – John Crabtree, MD

3:30      Practical Approach to Create and Maintain a Successful PD Catheter – Shweta Bansal, MD, FASN

3:55       Discussion

4:00     Adjourn

Innovations in PD

Innovations in PD


Moderator: Preethi Yerram, MD, FASN

10:30    Precision Medicine in PD: Bio-PD – Rajnish Mehrotra, MD, FASN

11:00     Remote Monitoring in PD – Vikram Aggarwal, MD

11:30    Early Detection of PD Peritonitis – TBD

12:00    Break

RD Breakout III 

RD Breakout III

10:30-12:00 pm

Moderator(s):  Nonnie Polderman, BSc, RD, and Kirsten McFadyen, RD

  • Nutrient Losses During Dialysis and Malnutrition – Laura Quenneville, RD
  • Nutrition and CRRT – Marisa Juarez-Calderon, RD
  • NICU and Nutrition – Elisha Pavlick, RD



RD Breakout II

RD Breakout II

2:00-4:00 pm

Moderator(s):  Nonnie Polderman, BSc, RD

2:00     Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation for Pediatric Dialysis Patients – Caroline Anderson, PhD, RD
3:00     Carnitine Supplementation – Marisa Juarez-Calderon, RD
4:00     Break

Fellows Forum

Fellows Forum

4:00-6:00 pm

Moderator:  Shweta Bansal, MD

Judges: Finnian R. McCausland, MD, Shweta Bansal, MD, Nupur Gupta, MD

4:00-4:10              Introduction

4:10-4:20            Miraculous Recovery of Kidney Function after 16 Months of Dialysis – Hanny Sawaf, MD

4:20-4:25              Questions

4:25-4:35            Peritoneal Dialysis Related Encapsulating Sclerosing Peritonitis – Amara Sarwal, MD

4:35-4:40              Questions

4:40-4:50              A Rare Case of Bacterial Peritonitis Caused by Ralstonia Mannitolilytica in an Adult Peritoneal Dialysis Patient – Litty Thomas, MD

4:50-4:55              Questions

4:55-5:05              Guillain-Barre Syndrome Following COVID-19 in a Patient on Peritoneal Dialysis – Victor Canela, MD

5:05-5:10              Questions

5:10-5:15            All In One – Rapid Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy, Access Problems in the Form of CRBSI, Fibrin Sheath and Thrombosis of Catheter Tip, Primary Failure of AV Fistulae – Chilaka Rajesh, MD

5:15-5:20              Questions

5:20-5:30              Clinical Challenges to Prescribe Effective Hemodialysis in a Patient with Advance Liver Cirrhosis – Manoj Datta, MD  

5:30-5:35            Questions

5:35-5:45              Judges Convene

5:45                        Announce Winner/Adjourn