Managing Clinical Challenges in Dialysis: Case-based Presentations

Managing Clinical Challenges in PD: Case-based Presentations


Moderator: Preethi Yerram, MD

10:30    PD Without Residual Renal Function: Should We Keep Going?  Shweta Bansal, MD, FASN

11:00    How to Start the Difficult Conversation:  When the PD Patient is Failing to Thrive – Peter Blake, MD, FRCPC, FRCPI

11:30    PD in Patients with Ascites – Nupur Gupta, MD

12:00    Adjourn

PD Fundamentals: Case-based Presentations

PD Fundamentals: Case-based Presentations


8:00     How to Prescribe Incremental PD?   Brent Miller, MD

8:30     Management of the Patient with UF Failure – Vikram Aggarwal, MD

9:00     Personalizing PD Prescription: Use of Shared Decision Making and SONG-PD Outcomes – Daniil Shimonov, MD

9:30     The Role of Tidal PD in Current Clinical Practice – Nupur Gupta, MD, MPH

10:00    Break

The Nephrology Workforce: Problems and Potential Solutions

The Nephrology Workforce: Problems and Potential Solutions


Moderator: LaVonne Burrows, MS, RN

4:30     Implications of Nephrology Workforce Shortage for Dialysis Patient Care – Andrew Webb, DNP, FNP

4:50     Panel Discussion: Strategies to Overcome Staffing and Personnel Issues

Discussion will focus on potential solutions to staffing shortage and rapid turnover including time management, utilization of non-nursing staff in home programs, creative patient education strategies, etc.

Panelists:  Sharon Ayers, RN; Joanna Neumann, BSN, RN; Myra Becker, RN, CDN

5:30     Adjourn

Fellows Forum

Fellows Forum



Judges: Vikram Aggarwal, MD; Maria Camilla Bermudez, MD

2:00-2:15 A Missed Cause of High Output Cardiac Failure in a Kidney Transplant Recipient – Srilekha Sridhara, MD

2:15-2:20 Questions

2:20-2:35 Potential Value of Cystatin C as a Biomarker for Monitoring Renal Function in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – Muddassar Mahboob, MD

2:35-2:40 Questions

2:40-2:55 Hemodialysis Induced Asthma Exacerbation: Case Report – Sameena Hameed

2:55-3:00 Questions

3:00-3:15 Recurrent Pleural Effusions in a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Requiring Pleurodesis – Maggy Marie Spolnik, MD

3:15-3:20 Questions

3:20-3:35 Outcome of Hemodialysis in Amyloidosis, Experience, and the Future – Zaid Al-Dahabrah, MD

3:35-3:40 Questions

3:40-3:55 Robina Lee, MD

3:55-4:00 Questions

4:00-4:05 Judges Convene

4:05 Announce Winner/Adjourn

Value-based Care Part 2

Value-based Care Part 2


Moderator: Bijal Patel, MD

10:30    What Can a Value-based Care Company Offer Nephrologists and their Patients? – Stanley Crittenden, MD

11:00    How Could an Academic Center Approach Value-based Care?  C. Michael Chaknos, MD, MHSP

11:30    Is Value-based Care an Antidote to the Over-taxed Nephrologist? – Bijal Patel, MD

12:00    Break

Improving the Opportunities for Patient Success in Home Dialysis

Improving the Opportunities for Patient Success in Home Dialysis


Moderator: Lisa Koester, ANP, CNN-NP

8:00     Are We Making Appropriate Assessments of the Potential Home Patient? – Lisa Koester, ANP, CNN-NP

8:30     Are Patients and Care Partners Provided with Appropriate Tools for Shared Decision-Making Regarding Choice of Renal Replacement Therapy? Dori Schatell, MS

9:00     Are We Providing Optimum Learning and Retention During Training?  Sharon Ayers, RN

9:30     Are Patients Receiving Adequate Support on Home Dialysis?   Joanna Neumann, BSN, RN

10:00    Break

Workshop: PD Prescription Workshop

Workshop: PD Prescription Workshop


Moderator: Jeffrey Perl, MD, FRCP

Speakers: Anjay Rastogi, MD, PhD and Jeffrey Perl, MD, FRCP

Peritoneal dialysis prescription involves more than just adjusting prescription to meet target KT/V urea or creatinine clearances.  Areas that not emphasized enough include BP control, and fluid and electrolytes balances and fluid management. This workshop will help you recognize important factors to consider when prescribing PD.  Additionally, we will point out the 10 common mistakes made when prescribing PD.

HD Fundamentals

HD Fundamentals

Welcome:  Madhukar Misra, MD, FRCP (UK), FACP, FASN

8:30 am-5:00 pm

8:30     Intradialytic Hypotension – John Daugirdas, MD FASN

9:15     Understanding Flux in Dialysis – Madhukar Misra, MD, FRCP (UK), FASN

10:00    Vascular Access Monitoring – Anil Agarwal, MD, FASN, FNKF, FASDIN

10:45    Break


11:15    Management of High Flow AVF – Viraj Pandit, MD

12:00    Hyponatremia in HD: Newer Concepts – Bernard Canaud, MD, PhD

12:30    Lunch


1:30     Potassium Control in Dialysis Patients: Does it Matter? – Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD PhD, MPH

2:15     How to Add Residual Renal Function to Dialysis Dose – John Daugirdas, MD, FASN

3:00     Eating During Hemodialysis and in the Dialysis Unit – Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD PhD, MPH

3:30     Essentials of Managing a Hypertensive HD Patient –  TBA

4:15     Discussion

5:00     Adjourn

Nursing Breakout Ill (RN and APPs) 

Nursing Breakout Ill (RN and APPs)

10:30-12:00 pm

Moderator(s): Brandy Begin, BSN, MBA, RN, CNN

Nursing Breakout III- Psychosocial Support for Dialysis Patients 

10:30    Therapy Dogs, Developmental Support – Robin Davis, CCLS and Amada Porter, MS, CCLS
11:15    Motivational Interviewing – Cortney Zimmerman, PhD
12:00    Lunch