Sunday Showcase

In the Showcase Lounge

2:05      Time for a New PD Catheter – Stephen Ash, MD

The Tenckhoff peritoneal catheter was a remarkably successful transcutaneous device, minimizing infections and not causing intraperitoneal pathology in most patients. However, irregular outflow characteristics of the catheter make dialysis therapy complex. Flow diminishes at the end of each outflow, residual volume in the peritoneum is variable and complete outflow failure can occur. In this presentation we discuss the potential improvements in outflow function by several alternative catheter designs.

Dr. Ash is a co-founder and has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Director of Research and Development of Ash Access Technology, Inc. since its inception and holds the same positions with HemoCleanse, Inc. He is an author of over thirty U.S. patents, over one hundred publications and 15 textbook chapters in the areas of hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, vascular access devices, extracorporeal medical devices, computerized medical charting, and sorbent chemicals.

2:25      Empowerment Through Health Literacy – Cibele Pinto, PhD and  Sachin Hajarnis, PhD

This presentation brings you concepts and resources to improve health literacy which is crucial for patients with kidney disease so they can be empowered to participate in shared decision-making to manage the complexities of their care regimen.  Effective communication strategies lead to better patient engagement and engaged patients can better deal with the many challenges they face in living with kidney disease.

2:45      Dialysis is No Joke (But May Be a Laughing Matter) – Karyn Buxman, RN MSN

Dialysis is no joke. But science now reveals the many ways that humor can help dialysis patients (and staff) to improve their mood, enhance their health, and boost their resilience. Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, TEDx Speaker and author of several self-care books, including “What’s So Funny About…Diabetes?” and “What’s So Funny About…Nursing?” will share recent insights into the power of humor when dealing with dialysis.