Annual Dialysis Conference

Sunday, March 7

Presentation times shown below are in Central Standard Time

A Peek Into the Future of HD

10:00 am         Removal of High Molecular Weight (20-45 Kd) Middle Molecules: Is It Evidence-based? – Daniel Weiner, MD

10:25 am         Dialysis Induced Systemic Stress: How Future Management Will Look Like? – Chris McIntyre, MD

10:50 am         Artificial Intelligence in Kidney Care:  Prospects and Challenges – Peter Kotanko, MD, FASN

11:15 am         Revisiting Sodium As the Uremic Toxin – Bernard Canaud, MD

11:45 am         Discussion

12:00 pm         Break

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ISPD-NAC Session

10:00 am         NAC Address: Insights and Innovation – Matthew Oliver, MD, MHS, FRCP

10:30 am         PD Use in Non-Traditional Patients – Jenny Shen, MD

11:00 am         New Models of PD Education - Shweta Bansal, MD

11:30 am         Advanced PD Training – Joanna Neumann, RN, CNN

12:00 pm         Break

Best Practices on Preventing the Spread of Infections During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond


10:00 am         Dialysis Facility Experience and Adaptation of Policy Changes – Bridget Pfaff, MS

10:20 am         CDC’s Role in Making Dialysis Safer During a Pandemic – Shannon Novosad, MD, MPH

10:40 am         Collaborating with SNF in Dealing with the Vulnerable Patient Population – Maria Regnier, MSN, RN, CNN

11:00 am         Rationing Care: Decision-making Strategies and Ethical Considerations – Elizabeth Cogbill, MD 

11:20 am         Discussion

12:00 pm         Break

12:00 – 12:30 Exhibit Hall and Virtual Posters

Economics and Dialysis

Moderator - Jay Wish, MD

12:30 pm         Economic Evaluation of Dialysis Therapies: Real and Hidden Costs – Kathleen Lester, JD, MPH

12:55 pm         CMS’s Proposed Medicare Payment Changes to Support Innovation of an Increased Access for Dialysis in the Home Setting – Eugene Lin, MD

1:20 pm          Impact of Economic Incentives on Dialysis Patient Care – Bruce Culleton, MD

1:50 pm           Discussion

2:00 pm           Break

New Approaches to Education in the Current Healthcare Environment

12:30 pm         Innovations in Healthcare Education – Malford Tyson Pillow, MD

1:15 pm           Case Presentations and Interactive Discussion

  • Case # 1 - Patient/Family Case: Newly diagnosed patient requiring dialysis whose family members are trying to understand the situation.
  • Case #2 - Patient with multiple PD-related peritonitis episodes requiring addition education.
  • Virtual Home Visit for New PD: Patient to assess suitability of the home for home dialysis.

2:00 pm           Break

ISPD-NAC Session

12:30 pm          Patient Focused PD Prescriptions – Peter Blake, MB, FRCPC

1:00 pm            Predicting PD Success – Robert Quinn, MD

1:30 pm           Acute PD for AKI – Vesh Srivatana, MD

2:00 pm           Break

Anemia Management

12:30 pm         The Pivotal Trial-Role of IV Iron in Renal Anemia – Iain MacDougall, MD, FRCP

1:10 pm           HIF – Inhibitors: A Viable Option for Managing Renal Anemia in 2020 – Steven Fishbane, MD

1:30pm            Discussion

2:00 pm           Break

Emerging Dialysis Techniques

12:30 pm         Does Everyone Need to be on Thrice Weekly HD or Less? - Kam Kalantar-Zadeh MD, MPH, PhD

1:10 pm          Allo-Hemodialysis: What Is It? - Peter Kotanko MD, FASN

1:40 pm           Discussion

2:00 pm           Break

Fellows Forum

12:30-2:00 pm

2:00 – 4:00 Exhibit Hall and Virtual Posters

Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Home Patients and Care Partners 

Moderator: Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

4:00 pm              How Grief and Depression Intersect and Diverge: Helping your Patients Navigate Emotional Distress – Melissa McCool, MSW

4:40 pm              Addressing the Burden of Home Dialysis on Patients and Care Partners – Emilie Trinh, MD

5:10 pm              Understanding the Views of Care Partners – Patient Interviews by Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

5:50 pm             Discussion

6:00 pm              Break

Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methods Applied to Home Dialysis

4:00 pm           Comparative Effectiveness of Home Dialysis Modalities: Methods and Mistakes – Eric Weinhandl, PhD, MS

4:30 pm           Trial Design for Home Dialysis Machines and Equipment –Michael Aragon, MD

5:00 pm           Understanding Patient Perspectives to Inform a Strengths-based Approach to Home Dialysis – Amanda Baumgart

5:30 pm           Discussion

6:00 pm           Adjourn

ISPD-NAC Session

4:00 pm           Percutaneous PD Catheter Insertion – Arsh Jain, MD

4:30 pm           Surgical PD Catheter Insertion and Treatment of Complications – Peter Kennealey, MD

5:00 pm           Creating Long Term PD Success – Anjali Saxena, MD

5:30 pm           Unusual PD Complications - Jeff Perl, MD, SM, FRCP(C)

6:00 pm           Adjourn

Fellows Forum

4:00-6:00 pm

Annual Dialysis Conference
Symposium on Pediatric Dialysis