Session 2 

Session 2 

Moderator: Steven Alexander, MD; Amy Nau, MBA, MSN, RN, CNN, NE-BC

12:30 pm Cardiovascular Complications 

1:00 pm Pediatric Dialysis Nutrition Guidelines 

1:30 pm Growth and Growth Hormone Therapy

Session 1

9:55 am Welcome – Steven Alexander, MD 

Session 1

Moderator: Bradley Warady, MD, Jessica Geer, MSN, C-PNP, CNN-NP, RN

10:00 am Peritoneal and Vascular Access 

10:30 am Physiology of Blood Purification

11:00 am PD Prescription & Adequacy Monitoring 

11:30 am HD Prescription & Adequacy Monitoring  

12:00 pm Break