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For 9 years GBR Medical has provided medical equipment to thousands of physicians, veterinarians, and nurses around the United States, our mission is to provide them with simple tools to solve many common ailments for their patients. 

We hope to establish and build long-term relationships with conference attendees.



Calliditas is dedicated to expanding treatment options and establishing new standards of care for people with rare diseases. By drawing on our expertise in pharmaceutical product development and leveraging our strategic partnerships, we quickly and efficiently identify, develop, and market a pipeline of innovative medicines that can improve the lives of patients. Recently, we successfully commercialized our lead candidate in the United States, and in collaboration with our partners, launched in Europe, with plans to seek approval in Asia.



Diality is developing a patient-inspired hemodialysis solution to improve lives impacted by kidney disease. Our goal is a system that empowers physicians to prescribe the best treatment for each patient, without compromise.


Vascular Access Cannulation for Home Dialysis

Vascular Access Cannulation for Home Dialysis

10:30 – 12:00

Moderator: Brent Miller, MD

10:30    Overview of Cannulation Techniques – Brent Miller, MD

10:50    Are Buttonholes Making a Comeback?  Maria Camilla Bermudez, MD

11:20    Cannulation Made Easy: Hands-on Demonstration – Michelle Carver, BSN, RN

12:00    Break

Workshop: Electrolyte Balance in PD Patients

Workshop: Electrolyte Balance in PD Patients


Moderator: Kunal Malhotra, MD

Speaker: Ramesh Khanna, MD

This is a case-based workshop focusing on electrolytes transport across the peritoneal membrane during PD exchanges. You will learn that the volume of ultrafiltration predominantly determines the extent of Na losses during an exchange, whereas potassium losses are predominantly determined by the total drain volume. In a PD exchange, electrolytes and base net loss or gain is determined by both their gradient between capillary blood and dialysis solution and the net ultrafiltration volume. Understanding these concepts will allow you to develop a physiology-based PD prescription, including the type of PD solution to be used, and appropriate prescription when dietary changes are made and what PD prescription changes should be made when residual kidney function is reduced or lost.