ADC will accept abstracts submission electronically through October 9, 2017.


We invite abstracts describing new research, clinical experiences, case studies and quality improvement and education projects on peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD). Abstracts will be considered for presentation in Slide Forums and Poster Sessions. Pediatric abstracts accepted for presentation are integrated throughout the pediatric sessions and posters.

Publication of Abstracts

  • Peritoneal dialysis abstracts will be published in Peritoneal Dialysis International
  • Hemodialysis abstracts will be published in Hemodialysis International
  • PD/HD abstracts will be published in the journal indicated by the author

General Guidelines

ADC will accept an abstract submission if the abstract

  • has not been submitted for publication at another meeting
  • meets the general guidelines

ADC will not accept an abstract submission if the abstract

  • has already been published
  • has been accepted for publication
  • Does not meet the general guidelines


  • Length is approximately 2000 characters if no tables or figures
  • Small character-based tables or figures may be included but are not encouraged
  • Use type that is 10pt (12cpi) or larger
  • The abstract must fit into a 4 X 5 inch space


  • The title must clearly indicate the nature of the investigation or clinical focus
  • Do not identify author(s) or institution(s) in the title

Body of the Abstract

  • Make the abstract as informative as possible.
  • Organize the body of the abstract as follows:
    • Background and purpose of study, project, or program
    • Methods or approach
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusions (must be supported by data)
  • Use standard abbreviations and generic drug names
  • Place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parentheses after first use
  • Do not identify author(s) or institution(s) in text

Notification of Acceptance

  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made by email during November
  • Acceptance of an abstract does not waive the registration fee

Abstract Design Categories

A. Research

B. Clinical Process Improvement

C. Case Study

D. Didactic Presentation, e.g. Professional Development, Management, Patient Education, etc.